Gwendolyn D (gwendolynd) wrote,
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I have put all my fics up there, finally!!  I feel all accmplished because it was like 60 fics. Well, 59, but close enough. xD  Re-read a lot of them when I poste them. Some are face-palm worthy, but others made me squee. Is it wrong to squee at your own work??  lol

I...feel like I should really have ore to say but I don't.


That is a vital thing to state.

I have been playing Catan constantly on my ipad. It's giving me a bad hpe because every game I've played (3 player) I've won. False hope for real games I'll play. lol. Oh well.

Still sick. Can't get rid of this cough, and have this insane pain in my abdomen. Concerned it's a Hernia or something, but I'm sure it's just a pulled muscle and my brain overplaying it. Then again, it hasn't gone away in a week and fluxes between getting better and worse, so I dunno.

People have moved in above me---my reign of silence is over. Yes I know that made no sense, but whatever. I'm exhausted.

Got new sweat-like nice pants from Costco and OMG THEY ARE THE BEST PANTS IN THE WORLD. I want more. They are so riiculously soft and comfortable and I have never loved a piece of clothing as much as I love this. <3<3<3<3<3<3

Thinking of trying to sell my Photos--be it online or in person. I think it would be a fine way to make a little bit of extra money. Now that I'm going back to split shifts (OMG SUMMER IS OVER T.T) I'll have time in the day to go out and take photos and explore more of the city. Sucky thing is that the best light is at dawn or dusk. Dawn I'll be working already, and Dusk will be my only shot--but I'll have to figure out hte best spots to go back to at dusk.  Oh well, I'm excite to get out taking photos again. Gotta find my battery and my memory cards....
Tags: rl: lets make money, rl: photography, rl: squee!, rl: tv, rl: work, rl: writing

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