Gwendolyn D (gwendolynd) wrote,
Gwendolyn D

Yay and fuck...

Fuck first.

So, it seems that when my paid account expired due to my VISA issues, it cut out the extra icon packages that two lovely people so wonderfully gifted me...  -feels horrible-  =_=

Net has been acting like a bitch, hence no keepyourhappy posts lately, and I don't know when the net/computer will start to like me again. I need to figure out this de-frag thing....

But onto the good stuff.

Got my graduation date--no thanks to the college themselves. Apparently they don't find it important enough to let us know when we graduate and have to have our cap and gown orders in by. Y'know--not important at all.


But, detective skills tell me that I graduate on June 6, 2012, and there's even a bloody online streaming link that people who cannot attend can watch from!!  (*wink wink nudge nudge cough bree_black , lookturtles , ikira  for sure cough cough*)

Mom and dad are obviously going to try to make it Mom will--dad may be out of town but he's trying to swing it) and my sister even said she'd come ( get three tickets).

THAT in itself is exciting.

THEN I put in my money in order to confirm my spot at grad and hold my gown.

Then I saw that there's a mini photo shoot thing (sit session) going on at the campus in a couple of weeks--which I thought was awesome, so I booked an appointment. Now I gotta decide what to wear, and how to do my hair/whether to go get it done somewhere!  It's going to be a surprise for mom and dad and grandma and grandpa.

I'm excited, omg. I worked so hard, and almost gave up so many times--I can't believe it's here. Actually crossing the stage to get my diploma. *.*

And there's still a chance I might be chosen to receive the Lieutenant Governor's Medal too--though they said the winners would be called and the non-winners wouldn't be---but I choose to believe that they haven't decided yet and will call closer to the convocation date.

How awesome would that be?


That would be the ultimate thing.

BUUUUUUT I gotta be up in 6 hours, so I'm going to bed now, and hoping to hll the sore throat is gone by morning because otherwise I wake up in tears. =( 

Tags: rl: omg, rl: rocks, rl: school, rl: squee!

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