January 5th, 2020

Blue J2


So, I didn't do it. I procrastinated and didn't meet my goal. Grr. 

I signed up for the HC_Bingo, and wanted to get this idea done so I could get the banners (oh how I love banners....), but I did not finish in time. BUT I did get back writing and complete 3.5 fics of a 8 fic story arc, so there's something there. 

Now I guess I can take the time to make sure they made sense and all that you know...professional-esque stuff. 

But I'm happy to be back, and I felt good writing again.

I joined the GYWO challenge for 2020 and pledged 75,000 words. I did 4,000 words tonight, so now I'm wondering if I pledged too low. Oh well, I can always up it next year if things continue well. 

Miss you all and I need some peeps to chat with and squee about SPN again.  *blinks innocently*  Chat me up?   <3