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I've been terribly active, I know but I have a concern about LJ.

I received an email from LJ on Sept 23 stating:

This is a reminder that you signed up for automatic payments for your account gwendolynd.

An automatic payment has just occurred.
Amount: $$$$$
Credit Card:  Visa ending in ****
Next Payment Date: Sep 23, 2014
Charges will appear from on your credit card statement.

You can view your billing history here:

If you need to update your card's expiration date or want to change cards,
please visit:

To make other changes to your paid account, please visit:

Key Paid Account Features

Userpics: You've uploaded 59 of 113 total
Upload and manage:  LINK

ScrapBook: You've uploaded over 200 photos and used 0.02% of your total
Upload and manage:  LINK

Voice posts: You've recorded 0 of 20 posts this month
Manage: LINK

Please reply to this email with any payment questions.

We thank you for supporting the site,

LiveJournal Team
Normal, seems to make sense.
However, today I get an email stating:

Dear gwendolynd,

Your Paid account add-on of UserHead will expire in 12 days, at which time your paid account will revert to its standard features.

You can renew your add-on of Custom Userhead in the LiveJournal Shop here: LINK

Avoid the hassle of renewing manually and set up automatic payments here: LINK
Best regards,
LiveJournal Team

So.....what's going on?  =-S  I am charged for the extension but now being denied it?
Tags: rl: help?, rl: question

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