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Can anyone guide me to a best practice break down of rating scales for writing?

Like, examples where a line might be crossed etc. I'm feeling very out of the loop with remembering/understanding the guidelines, so would like to put together a post for myself with more details.  Old age brain and all. Haha
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So, I didn't do it. I procrastinated and didn't meet my goal. Grr. 

I signed up for the HC_Bingo, and wanted to get this idea done so I could get the banners (oh how I love banners....), but I did not finish in time. BUT I did get back writing and complete 3.5 fics of a 8 fic story arc, so there's something there. 

Now I guess I can take the time to make sure they made sense and all that you know...professional-esque stuff. 

But I'm happy to be back, and I felt good writing again.

I joined the GYWO challenge for 2020 and pledged 75,000 words. I did 4,000 words tonight, so now I'm wondering if I pledged too low. Oh well, I can always up it next year if things continue well. 

Miss you all and I need some peeps to chat with and squee about SPN again.  *blinks innocently*  Chat me up?   <3 
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So, I have a bajillion tags, cause I thought it was brilliant at one point or another. 

I want to clean it up, but I'm not sure what I should keep or not, so if anyone has inputs as to strategies of how to manage tags, I would love to hear how you do it / how you think I should adjust mine. 

Life is nuts...and I'm not entirely sure if I'm happy with what happened today or not...but...upside, I'm in theory going to have a tonne of time to write in the next month...  #LOA #MentalHealth =_=

Also, why does my date in the new composing thing show what I assume should be 'November' as 'ноября' =-s 

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New Dr Who Episode

Wait, what?

I am constantly blown away by the acting on here, but I was less than impressed with HER moment. Didn't feel real. Or look real, I should say I suppose.

But Capaldi's expressions...oh man.



Mike downloaded the new Gotham, so we'll likely watch that at some point.
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I've been terribly active, I know but I have a concern about LJ.

I received an email from LJ on Sept 23 stating:

Collapse )
Normal, seems to make sense.
However, today I get an email stating:
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So.....what's going on?  =-S  I am charged for the extension but now being denied it?
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Chose not to

Not enough space for his plants and bookshelves, and bedrooms only had room for bed, nothing else.

It was crazy hard to turn down cause it was FUCKING GORGEOUS. We're talking double door pantry, island with glasstop stove, huge backyard for gardening, two level deck, beautiful shed, oven you don't have to bend over to put things in, jet tub with television connection in bathroom, two full bathrooms, cute cat door in laundry room wall, just.....gnaugh! So pretty but sloop far away from work for me and just no room for anyone who has any belongings and not enough time for us to pack etc.

Sigh. It hurt to turn it down cause it was ours if we said yes...