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Gwendolyn D
30 December 1986
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Boring Stuff First

I'm 25 years old and work FT and go to school FT. I'm taking Early Childhood Education, and it's a great career that I'm looking forward to expanding. I'm going to be graduating in FOUR MONTHS and I know the time is going to fly and I'm very nervous--but excited! I am also part of the local Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and am trying to be more active in the community, and failing so far. Haha. I joined Supernatural Fandom--I guess about three years ago? I don't remember, I just remember that I joined Fandom almost immediately after watching, and I didn't start watching in Season 1. I think I'm more invested in Fandom now than I ever have been, and in such my writing too.


I love my fluff, crack, angst, h/c and horror. I don't think I even need to mention that I love porn-- think that's a given!! I tend to lean more towards dark fic, evil!Sam or evil!Dean, horror and lots of angst to make my heart break and bleed.


So far, haven't come across anything that I won't read, save for scat/water sports/bestiality. Kinks, kinks and more kinks!

Some of my favorite kinks to read include first!times, rape (don't judge!), struggles, blood---aww my mind is blanking but I'm sure I'll think of more!


OT3 first off--any combination of Sam, Dean and Cas or Jensen, Jared and Misha. Those are the main combinations I read (the more the better!) but I also enjoy many other pairings with Jo/Sam, Jo/Dean, Sarah/Sam, Madison/Sam (angst angst angst with death peen for Sam!), Crowley/anyone--I'm fairly open to new pairings. =3

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I've completed the Reverse Bang for 2010 and am very proud of the results--and I have signed up again this year, along with the SpnSlashBgBang.

I credit all of my excitement in regards to this fandom to bree_black because without her, I wouldn't know of Show. She's my BFF and nothing in the world will ever change that. Mwuah!! <3<3


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