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Gwendolyn D
11 February 2015 @ 02:38 am
So much awesome stuff going on--getting engaged, mostly! ^_^

But, I'm hoping to come back to fandom a bit. I miss writing, and the sense of community and friends. I'm trying to download Supernatural's S10 but having little luck. If you can help, that'd be awesome.

That's it for now, it is 2:30am after all.

Love you all!


Also, excited that I came back in time to see the RBB!
Gwendolyn D
26 October 2013 @ 10:54 pm

I have received no responses to my sublet ad...  Mike already has his subletted... I don't want to be on the hook for another month's rent...

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Gwendolyn D
03 October 2013 @ 11:55 pm
I've been terribly active, I know but I have a concern about LJ.

I received an email from LJ on Sept 23 stating:

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Normal, seems to make sense.
However, today I get an email stating:
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So.....what's going on?  =-S  I am charged for the extension but now being denied it?
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Gwendolyn D
13 August 2013 @ 09:34 pm
Not enough space for his plants and bookshelves, and bedrooms only had room for bed, nothing else.

It was crazy hard to turn down cause it was FUCKING GORGEOUS. We're talking double door pantry, island with glasstop stove, huge backyard for gardening, two level deck, beautiful shed, oven you don't have to bend over to put things in, jet tub with television connection in bathroom, two full bathrooms, cute cat door in laundry room wall, just.....gnaugh! So pretty but sloop far away from work for me and just no room for anyone who has any belongings and not enough time for us to pack etc.

Sigh. It hurt to turn it down cause it was ours if we said yes...
Gwendolyn D
07 August 2013 @ 08:09 am
Another house. Same company. More gorgeous. Very excited. Very nervous.
Gwendolyn D
05 August 2013 @ 08:55 pm
Firstly, I've been sick all weekend and it SUCKS. I have a day off tomorrow and I get to spend it sickly. Joy.

Secondly, boyfriend and I applied for a rental together today. Apparently they are deciding tonight or tomorrow. I'm suddenly really nervous about it all.

Gorgeous place. 4 bedroom 1.5 bath. Bi level house that's a side by side. Well taken care of, new foundation and renovated basement and bathrooms. Central air, yard with shed and gazebo, no garage and that sucks but its so far out I'm likely going to end up busing to work I stead of driving. Not looking forward to waiting for buses in the cold again or spending four hours a day on the bus... But I don't have much option. Can't move the kidlets away from their schools or their mom...even though she's apparently planning on moving out to Alberta. Not sure how that will be swung with 50/50 custody of the boys.

Anyway. Nice place. Excited and nervous. And wo seeing how the hell I'll pack only 10-25% of the .....

And we just got the call saying we probably would have been approved....except when he got back to the office they had already approved someone. There's another one nearby they're renting for the same time but the people are still living there so we couldn't see. But he said he'd try to get us in to see it until he talked to the tenants to find a date this week.

Gwendolyn D
28 July 2013 @ 10:52 pm
Red Dell 15.4" widescreen XPS M1530 Laptop
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Red Acer 10.1" Aspire One Netbook

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Prices are up for discussion. Any reasonable offer will be considered. Would prefer not to need to ship them out for fear of damage, but will consider--S&H cost will be added to agreed price in such case.

Please pass this on. I don't know what happened to the Winnipeg community but that seems to be gone, so any help would be appreciated.

<3 Thanks guys.
Gwendolyn D
21 July 2013 @ 03:56 pm
When did this happen and how so quickly?

When did I lose my nerve to get into water to swim, whether walking in or diving? When did I get so much extra weight that I don't feel comfortable in my body? When did I stop wearing a bikini and start wearing a one piece, prefer to sit back and watch my man and his kid goof around and think "this will be my family"?

I'm wearing large brim older lady floppy gardening hats.

Coming into a family is difficult, but apparently my mentality has gone there on its own.

I love Mike so much!
Gwendolyn D
(Omg guys, I wrote something!!  For the first time in like...a year...and a half maybe even. I know, I'm in shock too! I feel really out of touch with my fic writing and characters cause I've been watching much more Doctor Who than Supernatural, so....critique if you wish. Mwuah! )

Title: Don't make me tell you the truth
Author: gwendolynd
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: G
Characters: Sam, Dean
Pairing: none
Summary: written for hoodie_time prompt: "Somehow it comes out that Dean really knows a ridiculous amount about distance learning. Sam’s all excited about the idea that Dean had “ambitions,” but it turns out that he’d been looking into it for Sam before he ran away and joined the freshman class at Stanford." (here)


It was the end of a hunt, a follow up that Dean usually insisted on for women he found particularly attractive. Hey, with all the grime and blood he dealt with day to day, he figured he was justified in an extra visit to check up on some eye candy before moving onto the next grueling hunt.

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Gwendolyn D
20 July 2013 @ 10:56 am
A daycare in your home also means great tax writeoffs when doing your income tax in the spring. Start keeping receipts now for all kids toys and equipment you buy and for sure all improvements to your home, as you are getting ready to start a business in your home.  

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Since you are at home, you will have the opportunity to accomplish little tasks during the day (dishes, laundry, or garbage) and thus reduce the list of chores for the weekends.  Simply being home to let in the furnace repair man saves a spouse from taking the morning off work.

Normally if you had a dentist appointment or your car needed to go into the shop, you would take a day off work. When you have your own home child care business it is hard for you to take days off because you could have several different families relying on you for care. It is sometimes easier to have a friend or family member take your car in or watch your own children after work while you go to a late dentist appointment.

This person could meet and talk to the parents so that they are familiar and feel comfortable with this person. It is stressful for parents who have limited time off work to take a day off unexpectedly, they appreciate it when their daycare provider has a backup system to ensure reliable care.

You could include:

-Daycare highlights of the month (outings, crafts, creative play, etc)

-Lunch/snack recipes that everyone enjoyed

-Upcoming family community events

-Request sections  (reminders about bringing sunscreen or hats)

-Policy Review (state your sick day policy or late pick-up policy)

-Cute comments that children said in the last month

-Celebrate Wall- post recent achievements (ie. Lisa can put on her own coat now!)

-Craft Materials request (please save yogurt containers for next month)

-Milestone Checklists -give general milestones for each developmental phase so parents know what is coming up next for their child

-Share relevant articles or helpful parenting tips

-Outline planned activities for the upcoming month

Kinderloop has designed a system that saves time for the caregiver and makes it easy for the parents to access the photos through a password account.  I inputed the names of my daycare children and the email addresses of their parents.  Once my daycare account was set up, it was easy for me to send photos with comments with a touch of a few buttons.  If a child is being especially cute (which always happens!) then I grab my ipad and snap a photo.  Then I click into my Kinderloop account, choose the photo and add a comment if I wish, and the app sends it out to the correct parents of the child in the photo-easy!  I can send a bunch of pictures or just one. I can add lots of comments or none.  Parents can also comment on the photos they receive.